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2021   Measuring Discrimination in Peru's Labor Market; in Koohi-Kamali ed.
           Exploring the Roots of Inequality in Latin America & Peru, Publisher Peter                  Lang, NY 

2021    Static and Dynamic Panel Data Analyses of Insurance for Escalating US                     Climate Change           

2021   Environmental Shocks and Child Labor: Panel Data Evidence from
           Ethiopia & India          

2021   The Duration of  US Joblessness and the Great Recession              

2021   Applied Advanced Econometrics_Manual to End-of-Chapter Solutions 

2021   Applied Advanced Econometrics_Text             

2019   The Rothbarth Internal Allocation Model Re-Examined: Semi-Nonparametric              and Parametric Tests of  Child Gender Discriminations               

2018   Gender Bias in  Orphanhood : Ethiopian Adults Consumption Evidence        

2017   US Multidimensional Poverty by Race, Ethnicity and Motherhood: Evidence               from Pennsylvania Census Data

2016   The Dynamics of Interaction between China's Onshore and Offshore Exchange             Rates

2016   The Short and Long Run Dynamics of Iran's Dual Exchange Rate

2014   Household Size, Economies of Scale and Public Goods in Consumption: A                   Proposal to Resolve the Food Share "Paradox"

2013   Estimation of Equivalence Scales under Convertible Rationing 

2010   Public Works and Social Protection

2009   Measurement of Shortage by Price and Frequency of Purchase

2008   Intrahousehold Inequality and Child Gender Bias in Ethiopia

2005   Distribution of Welfare Gain and Loss from Rationing

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