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I am a Visiting Associate Professor of Applied Political Economy at the New School for Social Research, New York, teaching Econometrics in the PhD Economics Program. I hold a M.Sc (Econ.) from London University, and D.Phil in Economics from Oxford University. My early background was in  financial journalism; I have expertise in war-time rationing of scarce resources and measurement of shortage by price adjustment. I have worked as a research and teaching economists at a number of academic institutions, including teaching graduate econometrics courses at Oxford and Columbia Universities. I have been a consultant to the World Bank (Africa region), and a member of the research team on the 2010 European Union Report on Development dealing with social protection in Sub-Sahara Africa. 

My teaching has covered core graduate and undergraduate courses, graduate advanced econometrics courses, and electives such as development economics, inequality & poverty, time-series analysis & forecasting, and international finance; plus an interdisciplinary course on identity and violence: perspectives and measurements.   

My research interests are on applied econometrics, public Policy, international development, and the US economy. My current (2021) research includes a draft version on a text in applied advanced econometrics; papers on the duration of US joblessness, and two papers on panel data analysis of environmental shocks, plus a chapter on measuring labor market discrimination. My macroeconometric research concerns slow converging time-series focused on price disequilibrium and its dynamics over time in foreign exchange rate parallel markets (China and Iran). My other microeconometrics research area is child gender inequality in intrahousehold resource allocation (Ethiopia, China, India and Iran); measuring the effects of household size and household-level public goods on the standard of living. 


Measuring Discrimination in Peru's Labor Market

Environmental Shocks and Child Labor: Panel Data Evidence from Ethiopia & India     

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